Coach Park Hang-seo gave lucky money to two boxers in the Cocky Buffalo

On the afternoon of February 2, two HCMC boxing athletes Sam Minh Phat and Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi and Mr. Kim Sang Bum had an intimate meeting with the head of Vietnam National Football Team Park Hang-seo at the guests. Grand Plaza Hotel, Hanoi.
Park Hang-Seo’s two-year football team with Vietnam is a time when the whole country lived with a moment of sublimation, making a feat that has never been before: Asian U23 runner-up 2018, reaching the top. The four best teams in Asiad 2018, winning the AFF Cup 2018 and the latest is helping Vietnamese football to win the 2019 SEA Games championship after 60 years of waiting.
Hình ảnh: HLV Park Hang-seo lì xì cho hai võ sĩ boxing lò Cocky Buffalo số 1

Also during this period, the country boxing background also had great success with a win that delighted the fans. After Tran Van Thao held the WBC Asia East Champion title, Truong Dinh Hoang and Nguyen Ngoc Hai once made a big splash on regional boxing competitions. In Ho Chi Minh City, two rising fists of Cocky Buffalo boxing club Sam Minh Phat and Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi have recently been constantly mentioned by domestic and foreign press with high will and desire to win intense.

Hình ảnh: HLV Park Hang-seo lì xì cho hai võ sĩ boxing lò Cocky Buffalo số 2
Although it is just a brief meeting and exchange for a few hours before the “captain” of the Vietnamese football team returns to Korea, the echo left will surely still resonate, helping bring to the great spiritual value for two boxers.
In addition, Minh Phat and Thu Nhi also received the attention of famous Korean actor Kim Eung Soo – who ranked 3rd in the top 30 most popular Korean actors in November 2019.
Hình ảnh: HLV Park Hang-seo lì xì cho hai võ sĩ boxing lò Cocky Buffalo số 3

Not picky, simple, and very sincere, Coach Park Hang seo brings a feeling of closeness to those present at the meeting. After listening to the story of the boss Kim Sang Bum about the roadmap to help Vietnamese boxers reach out to the professional boxing scene of the Korean people. Coach Park Hang Seo expressed surprise at the remarkable advancement and the roadmap that compatriots Kim Sang Bum completed with Sam Minh Phat and Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi. In addition, the “witch” Park is also very excited to know that in Vietnam, Kim Sang Bum elected by the boxing community as a Park Hang seo of boxing Vietnam.

Hình ảnh: HLV Park Hang-seo lì xì cho hai võ sĩ boxing lò Cocky Buffalo số 4
Before the end of the meeting, Coach Park Hang seo gave lucky money to the two boxers according to Vietnamese traditional Tet rituals. In addition, the Korean coach also wished to his compatriot Kim Sang Bum and the whole team: “Wishing all Cocky Buffalo boxing team good health, always solidarity, together towards a common goal based on ideas and ideas. determined for the people of Vietnam. Always fight for the color of the flag, the color of our nation’s shirt. ”
With two boxers Sam Minh Phat and Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi, coach Park Hang seo reminded: “Just have hope and set goals for yourself, try to pursue, realize goals, even in In any field you will achieve success ”.

Nam Trung

On February 29, Thu Nhi will be the first female boxer in Vietnam to compete at the WBO Asia Pacific Champion Title Match, held at Felix Hotel, Cambodia. . In addition, another important goal that Mr. Kim Sang Bum is aiming for is to bring Thu Nhi to compete in the light weight boxing professional championship match (WBO World Title Match Minimum Weight) held on April in Korea. Sam Minh Phat previously won a professional boxing event, held at the Seoul Millennium Hilton Hotel, downtown Seoul, South Korea. Sam Minh Phat and Truong Dinh Hoang are the only two representatives of Vietnam appearing in the Asian boxing rankings.
Although he has not been working in Vietnam for a long time, Mr. Kim Sang Bum soon realized the great potential of boxers here. Assessing the potential of Vietnamese boxers, Kim Sang Bum said: “Vietnamese fighters are very muscular, agile, have high will and strong desire to win. They have a lot of potential. but I have not been exploited yet. Therefore, I hope I can help them. If I have been invested professionally and methodically, I believe that one day a Vietnamese martial artist will become a world champion. “