Cocky Buffalo boxing oven won all over Korea

As reported, at 12 noon on January 19 according to Vietnam time, the two fists of the Cocky Buffalo furnace, Sam Minh Phat and Abdurasul Islomov won at the professional boxing event, held at the Seoul hotel. Millennium Hilton, downtown Seoul, South Korea.
Having appeared at the WBO Oriental Youth Title Match in the early November of last year at the Cocky Buffalo Gym Club, both Sam Minh Phat and Abdurasul Islomov have left a strong impression in the audience. fake by playing smart, diverse and proved to be quite effective.
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In the match of Sam Minh Phat ranked 48kg, he confronted the famous boxer named Chan Il Jo of the Korean host. According to the manager of the boxer born in 1994, the weather in Korea in the past few days was very cold, the snow had snowed in the morning, which hindered more or less the fighters from Vietnam, and Sam Minh Phat is no exception.
Entering the first half, Sam Minh Phat proved to be quite tight, he launched tentative attacks in order to create a good posture against the host. Also in this half, the number 1 and 2 punches of the Vietnamese boxer especially proved to be effective, causing his opponent Chan Il Jo to retreat back to the defense.
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Seemingly regaining the feeling, as soon as entering the second half, Minh Phat boldly changed his tactics when using the number 3, 4 and especially the belly punch (body shots) very effective. In a similar situation in the 15th second of the second half, Minh Phat defeated Chan Il Jo with a powerful punch on the right flank. Despite trying to return, but with a stunned blow, Chan Il Jo gave in and let the referee declare a K.O victory for Sam Minh Phat.

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This is the second consecutive victory by KO of this boxer Cocky Buffalo in 2020. In early January, Minh Phat also made a great reputation when defeating KO opponent Chang Ho Jo in the second half. from a beautiful series. Earlier in the tournament in 2019, Minh Phat won a gold medal of 45kg boxing championship nationwide and also defeated K.O Indonesia’s Sulis Barera in the first round at WBA Asia Boxing Title Match.

After a series of above victories, Minh Phat joined the Cocky Buffalo Club to participate in professional matches at home and abroad. He caught the eye of his “elected” cool hand Kim Sang Bum – a character that the Vietnamese boxing world still likens to Park Hang-seo of the boxing world, who brought the Asian WBC champion Tran Van Thao. for the first time abroad to compete professionally.

After the victory of Sam Minh Phat K.O, boxing boxing club Cocky Buffalo continued to welcome more good news when the fighter Abdurasul Islomov also won the victory over the Chinese boxer Nuomin.

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So ending the boxing event in Korea, the boxers of Mr. Kim Sang Bum have all won resounding victories against strong opponents.

In addition to Sam Minh Phat and Abdurasul Islomov, he “elected” Kim Sang Bum also recruited another hit boxer in Ho Chi Minh City boxing village, Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi, who shocked the Vietnamese martial arts community when fighting. defeated Australian champion 3 times Gretchen Abaniel and won 400 million in prize money in Victory International Friendly Boxing Tournament 8.

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After taking Thu Nhi to Cocky Buffalo Club, elect Kim Sang Bum is very determined to make her become “perfect” in the professional boxing environment. In early January of this year, Kim Sang Bum elected to take care of the entire cost, bringing Thu Nhi to South Korea to have surgery to finish myopia, improving her eyesight to help her feel more secure while playing in the environment. peak.

On February 29, Thu Nhi will have the opportunity to become the first female boxer of Vietnam to compete at the WBO Asia Pacific event held at Felix Hotel, Cambodia. In addition, another important goal that Mr. Kim Sang Bum is aiming for is to bring Thu Nhi to compete in the World Professional Boxing Championships held in April in Korea.

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Assessing the potential of Thu Nhi as well as Vietnamese fighters, Mr. Kim Sang Bum said: “Vietnam’s fists are very strong in terms of muscle, agility, high willpower and a strong desire to win. They have a lot of potential but have not been explored yet, so I hope I can help them If I have the professional and invested investment, I believe that one day a Vietnamese fighter will become a home The champion of the world”.

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