Park Hang-seo football meets ‘Park Hang-seo’ boxing

Coach Park Hang-seo of the Vietnamese football team had an interesting meeting with his compatriot boss Kim Sang Bum of the Cocky Buffalo boxing club, who is called “Park Hang-seo” in the Vietnam boxing village.

At the meeting on the afternoon of 2.2 in Hanoi, Coach Park Hang-seo shared the story of Mr. Kim Sang Bum about the roadmap to help Vietnamese boxers reach out in the professional boxing environment. Mr. Park was surprised at the remarkable advancement that fellow Kim Sang Bum made with Sam Minh Phat, Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi …

HLV Park Hang-seo cùng ông bầu boxing Kim Sang BumNam Trung

At the hands of Mr. Kim Sang Bum, 24-year-old boxer Thu Nhi was taught by former world champion Park Yong Kyun and had a spectacular victory in international tournaments such as overcoming Im Chan Mi (South Korea) at the event. WBO Oriental belt competition in Ho Chi Minh City in August 2019. Before that Thu Nhi knocked down boxer 3 times world champion Gretchen Abaniel (Australia).

HLV Park Hang-seo trêu đùa với võ sĩ Thu Nhi (trái)Nam Trung

Besides Thu Nhi, Sam Minh Phat has made great progress after being promoted by Kim Sang Bum. Thu Nhi and Minh Phat were also present at the meeting with Coach Park Hang-seo, lucky in the New Year by the coach of the Vietnamese football team and wishing these two boxers early to accomplish the goals ahead. Quang returned to the Fatherland.

Thu Nhi (trái) dự kiến tranh tài ở sự kiện WBO Châu Á -Thái Bình Dương ngày 29.2 tới ở CampuchiaNam Trung

On 29.2, Thu Nhi was given the opportunity to compete at the WBO Asia-Pacific event held at Felix Hotel (Cambodia). Another important goal that Mr. Kim Sang Bum is aiming to bring Thu Nhi to compete in the World Professional Boxing Championships held in April in Korea.